Soul Centered Health Testimonials

Client Testimonials:
Dear Eleanor – I am thankful so much for my Reiki Treatment, I did not trust in this therapy but when I felt energized from your hands I felt almost permanent relief and relaxation. I have not had any of my headaches and I feel calmed down.
Bonnie. Devon, PA

Eleanor – I have not applied my pain medicine for a month already,  Even with the cold weather –the pain in my knee seems to be gone.  God Bless you honey and preparations of canada drug pharmacy.
Elizabeth S, Yardley PA

Dear Miss Eleanor – I can sincerely announce you are an Angel. I sensed bad firstly I came to visit you, but after 2 sessions, It was as if a cloud elevated.  I felt and feel so much better. Thank you so much!
Tonya B, Philadelpia PA

Eleanor – Even though I am not to take medicine for my nerves to relieve, or my blood pressure to decrease anymore–I am not exactly sure about this Reiki stuff.  I think I just recovered and felt better.  I have been attempting for 10 years to achieve some relief–I think it was my time. Thanks
Carrie–Trooper PA

Dear Eleanor:
Thank for you to come to the hospital after Mom’s Surgery.  She claimed she could feel calm and very peaceful and could talk about her recovery this time. She has applied more energy than I have witnessed for a long time.  She asked me why my hands aren’t warm like yours and I just say Miss Eleanor just has a warm heart.  God Bless You, Abby G, Paoli PA

Eleanor made me be comfortable right away. I had a injury aquired at my workplace that was influencing my life negatively. Eleanore had unique methodic that gave me relief after just one attendance and now I feel better than ever. Thanks so much! – George S.

Eleanor was able not only to relieve my pain, it turns out i feel like renewed after six months since my first Reiki massage. This has gave my much satisfaction, as it is the first time in twenty years that I can claim that I do not feel any pain at all! – Mark M.

Thanks Soul Centered Health. You had me be comfortable right away. Utilizing your hypnosis services was the best decision I ever made! I haven’t smoked since giving it up completely! I am starting for a vacation for the first time of 3 years with the money I have saved. – Cynthia E.

Not only your sessions give me relaxation, but they give curing. I have never felt better! Thanks! – Bailey G.

Since utilizing your services, I feel better at age 65 as I am 35! Thank you so much! – Liz K.

The Reiki treatment on my dog was greatful – it has been a year since she ran, Well last night Giz was running faster than rabbits in my yard. Thanks Eleanor! – Tana G.

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