With What and How to Treat Erectile Dysfunction?

Problems in Intimate Sphere – is it Normal?

Problems in intimate sphere sometimes occur in all men. Most often, according to specialists, difficulties with erection arise when a man does not want to have sex and his woman insists on it.

If a man does not want sex, it does not mean that he does not like a woman. If this does not become systematic – this is normal. A person has the right to not want something. But if desire is absent for too long or it is present, but does not coincide with possibilities, erectile dysfunction appears more and more often and from exception turn into the rule – this is a reason to consult a doctor: it will not disappear by itself.

Impotence Can be Cured

erectile dysfunction treatmentAccording to studies, 31,6% of men of different ages suffer from erectile dysfunction.

It is important to understand that from impotence does not arise without a reason: it always has a reason. It can appear due to organic disorders, for example, as a consequence of diabetes or hypertension. It can also be a result of organic lesions of penis, for example, inflammation of cavernous bodies, penile trauma, Peyronie’s disease.

In addition to organic, there are also psychogenic causes of «male problems». They include family conflicts, stress, depression, neurosis, psychosis, mental disorders, prolonged abstinence.

According to experts, organic causes can flow into psychogenic and vice versa, and often their combination can be met.

In most cases violations in intimate sphere are a consequence of diseases and they arise in men because of inattentiveness, and sometimes disregard for their health. And in most cases erectile disorders can be cured. The earlier a man go to a doctor, the easier it is to cope with them.

Self-medication in this situation is not effective. Drugs to improve potency will eliminate only symptoms and help for a short time, but they will not remove the cause. And patient can not determine it without help of a doctor. It is best for violations of erectile function to begin examination with doctor’s consultation. He will help to understand reasons and will choose proper treatment.

What does Official Medicine Treat Impotence with?

Usually, doctors use medications, psychotherapeutic and surgical methods of erectile dysfunction treatment.

According to experts, the so-called physiotherapy treatment is good only in combination with other methods, it is useless to apply it separately. All sorts of erectors which are now so actively advertized and other miracles of design and technical idea, as a rule, are simply useless.

Psychotherapy is used when one of reasons for difficulties in intimate sphere is psychological problems.

Surgical methods are rarely used – our men have other issues. As a rule, penile prosthesis installation is performed when drug therapy is no longer effective.

Penile prosthesis is absolutely unnoticeable device under the skin, which is not felt by either a man or a woman. It does not affect ejaculation and urination, that is, all functions of penis remain. In this case, prosthesis provides good blood filling and erection is as close as possible to natural. Prosthesis can be activated and deactivated as necessary for desired time as many times as needed. However, as a rule, doctors use medication for strengthening potency.

What Drugs do Doctors Use

Drugs that increase potency are divided into two groups: tableted and injectable. The most commonly used tableted are inhibitors of phosphodiesterase type 5 (Viagra, Cialis and Levitra). Mechanism of action of all drugs is similar: they affect smooth muscle and thus improve blood supply to penis. Medicines are taken some time before planned sexual intercourse, and they lead body into «combat readiness» for a certain time.

Tablet drugs have one peculiarity – they act only if there is emotional excitement. If it is absent, you can take a whole package of Viagra, there will be no effect.

Which of these drugs is better, it is hard to say: everything is individual here. Dosage is also chosen together with doctor.

If to believe instructions of drugs, the fastest and «longest-playing» of them is Cialis. It should be taken at least 16 minutes before planned intimacy and it keeps the body in a «ready state» for 36 hours. Viagra and Levitra should be taken about an hour before sexual intercourse, they act for 4 – 5 hours.

If the body reacts to these drugs normally, frequency of their intake should not be limited, that is, they can be used as needed. However, medications can often become impetus for the body to make it work independently. To create this impetus, you need to take one of the drugs as a course – a pill every day for a week.

According to experts, course of taking medicines is often more effective than constant reception «if necessary». In addition, the latter can often develop psychological dependence, and without a pill a man can not realized himself as a man. Therefore, it is not worth to abuse means to increase potency.

All three drugs have contraindications, so you should not assign them yourself without expert’s advice, and before taking them, you should carefully read instructions. With properly selected medicine and its dosage, according to urologists, there should be no side effects.

Of the most frequent side effects, men note sensation facial flushing, short-term change in color perception: green, for example, may appear as blue, and continuation of erection after ejaculation.

Theoretically, the most safe and effective drug should be considered to be the drug that appeared later than everyone – it’s Levitra. A little earlier appeared Cialis, and the very first – Viagra. However, there is no practical confirmation of this theory: no large-scale clinical studies have been carried out on this subject.erectile dysfunction treatment

According to statistics, Viagra is the best studied. It is proved that it can not be taken in combination with nitroglycerine. This combination can provoke heart attack and lead to sudden death from cardiac pathology. In addition, Viagra should not be consumed with alcohol. This can not be said about Levitra and Cialis, however, if to take alcohol with them, then in moderate amounts.

Injectable medicines (prostaglandins E1) also increase blood flow to penis. Usually they are used when tablets are ineffective. Injection drugs are injected into penis with a syringe. After that, full erection immediately comes, even without sexual excitement.

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