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With What and How to Treat Erectile Dysfunction?

Problems in Intimate Sphere – is it Normal?

Problems in intimate sphere sometimes occur in all men. Most often, according to specialists, difficulties with erection arise when a man does not want to have sex and his woman insists on it.

If a man does not want sex, it does not mean that he does not like a woman. If this does not become systematic – this is normal. A person has the right to not want something. But if desire is absent for too long or it is present, but does not coincide with possibilities, erectile dysfunction appears more and more often and from exception turn into the rule – this is a reason to consult a doctor: it will not disappear by itself.

My Canadian Pharmacy about Erectile Dysfunction

My Canadian Pharmacy states a question why erectile dysfunction becomes so distributed among men from all over the world. But there are too many factors having a direct negative influence upon this statement. The scientists have no consensus upon this question considering it to be controversial. Let’s grapple with the main factors which are negatively effect the erectile function.

Unhealthy Lifestyle

There is the established opinion that unhealthy lifestyle has such an influence which decreases erectile function considerably. We are speaking about such factors as smoking, alcohol beverages consumption, drugs addiction, sedentary lifestyle and etc. one more element is proved to be unhealthy nutrition. Fast food, fatty fried products just make you more damaged in case of sexual function. You should not take food full of vitamins and minerals directed not only to strengthen the erectile function but as well to strengthen all the organism’s condition.

erectile dysfunction

To improve the erectile function it is necessary to go in for sport, walking more, keep active way of living. Moreover My Canadian Pharmacy offers to take medical preparations such as Viagra, Cialis and Levitra to enhance and stimulate the erection.


There are cases when erectile dysfunction is caused by health diseases. Atherosclerosis as well as diabetes may provoke erectile dysfunction appearance. Sexually transmitted diseases as well as infectious diseases are negatively influence erectile function. The doctors also point out that the decreased level of testosterone prevent the erection appearance. It is necessary to carry out the detailed examination of a person to identify the exact reason of erectile dysfunction emergence.

There are cases when this disorder is caused by psychological reasons. Constant stress, problems at work or in the family, debts or some problems with health are directly influence making men unconfidence in their own power. In such a case it is necessary to eliminate all these aspects to normalize and increase sexual function.

My Canadian Pharmacy is ready to assist you at any situation you come across with because in the majority of cases men are ashamed to consult the doctor and buy drugs face to face. We suggest you placing an order of drugs to improve your erectile function. We will be glad to become your own supplier of drugs.

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