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Do you still have  questions?  Are you anxious that my services may not be suitable for you?
Hypnosis is a natural methodic and is accepted by the American Medical Association for the controlling of pain, anxiety and for behavior transfiguration. Whether you want to decrease stress or construct self-esteem–Hypnosis is the best way to bring to a head your aims.

Frequently Asked Questions:
Services Soul Centered HealthCan I be hypnotized?
Approxiamately 90% of adults can be hypnotized

What does it seem to resemble?
Hypnosis is deeply relaxing and seems to resemble light sleep.

Is the Hypnotist able make me do or tell anything without my approval?
A true Hypnotist is an ethical specialist and would not try to compel you–even if they tried to – you are always able to control and able to demonstrate your authority. 

At Soul Centered Health my customers are suggested to undergo a pre Hypnosis classes to  define if we would make a good team. Customers on My Canadian Pharmacy are as well able to demonstrate its authority.
Contact me to argue your options today!

Common usage for Hypnosis are directed to achieve the following aims including to give up smoking, lose weight, or to fight against fears and alert behaviors.  A permanent solution for your problems could be just a few short sessions away.  Call today for a better tomorrow.

Reiki Treatments
Reiki is a Japanese assisting methodic looked like fully clothed by a Reiki practitioner. Reiki is deeply relaxing and assists to make balanced the body’s energy system. Reiki can assist to overcome physical and emotional stress and assists to advance a sense of wellbeing and relaxation. Reiki can assist to reconstruct your vitality and peace of mind. Experience the healing energy of Reiki in a peaceful and professional office setting. Treatments are available in 1/2 hour and hour sessions.

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