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Coming Feb 2012
For Ladies Only “The Center of Love”  Learn worthful techniques to strengthen delight, enchainment, and passion by rendering active your root Chakra.  Having practice of breathing, muscle control and more!  A one-of-a-kind and amazing class.  Open to 15 participants only–Registration is necessary.  Only $45

Offered Classes now subscribing for those engaged in developing their MIND, BODY, and SPIRIT.  Visit us to meet other Lightworkers or those a little inquisitive about the mind’s abilities. Send me an email to stay n touch with class topics, dates and location. Isn’t it time you acted on your intuition? Below Classes will be $25 a session in advance or $35 at the door unless otherwise performed.  Attend one, attend them all–no duty no troubles. To make reservations your spot prepay, via paypal and fill out contact form to be registered.

Intuition 101
Do you have an idea you are Psychic?  Can you predicate who is calling before you look at caller id?  Would you like to know how to enhance the congruences that happen to assist you be informed? This class will observe such notion as intuition, how to enquire it, and how to organize it to make your life better.

Heal the Mind Heal the Body:
Would you like to get to know how to invert pain, illness, or disease?  Do you have a desire to know more about the immunological test to illness and its link to stress and troubles?  This class will make your knowledge to be deeper in the correlation between Peace of Mind and Wellness.  Learn quick all natural ways to feel better and comfortable or it is possible to feel comfortable with My Canadian Pharmacy tranquillizers.

Uncovering your Life’s Purpose
Dharma or your life’s aim describes the way this life was appointed to be.  Find out how to disclose your life’s aim and how to follow with your individual way.

Psychic Self Defense
Are you anxious about negative emotions, evil, or unpleasant energy?  Are you interesting if you have been sweared, put under attack, or soak up other people’s bad influence?  This class will teach you how to identify attacks or affections and how to defend yourself from the darksides.

Hypnobotox – look and feel younger
If stress has begun to manifest as thin lines and wrinkles on your face, neck, or hands?  Do you want to learn how you can use your mind to reverse the signs of aging and improve your appearance?  This class is geared to those interested in natural and effective ways to look and feel your best.

Working with Angels
Angels are on appropriation to help us in our time on earth.  Learn how to talk with your Angels inclusively of your Guardian, LIfe Path, and Situational angels.

Messages from Spirit – Mediumship and healing
Do the dead render with the living?  Can their messages assist treatment those left behind?  Is it possible to listen and obtain messages from beyond?  Come to the discussion and watch what is going on.

Dowsing 101
Learn and read more about the Ancient Art of Dowsing.  Learn about Pendulums,  Geomancy, and more.  Find water, lost objects or treasures. Learn how to obtain information from your own body and surroundings.

Self Hypnosis for Confidence
Are you constantly second envisioning yourself?  Would you like to become more protected, self-esteemed and efficient at work and at play? Learn effective but easy methodic to increase your own morale and become your own cheerleader.  You may learn more about what you are truly doing wrong and how to change it.

Sexual Healing – Holistic Approaches to improve Sex and Fertility
Improve your internal relations and health by learning how to increase, improve, and stay in balance of your sexual health.  Get to know how to increase Fertility, sel-esteem and performance using safe, holistic methodic.  Make your mind be opened and learn how to act to get your mojo back.

Haunted – Ghosts, Spirits and the Unseen world
Do you think your house is habituated?  Have you witnessed a Ghost or other phantoms?  Would you like to get to know more about the nonvisual sphere?  Come to us to share your experiences or listen to a good ghost story.

Removing Negativity – Metaphysical Cleanup
Are you having within a reach Psychic Sludge?  How would you know if you were being hidebound or effected by negative or even hostile energy?  You may learn the various attack forms and what to perform to secure you and your close people from danger.

Deja Vu – Past Life Regression
Have you attended this location before?  Do you realize yourself as parts of another life sometimes spill blood through into this life?  Do you have a strong fear or disease, or repetition of dreams that you want to investigate.  Learn more about Past Life Regression Hypnosis and its profits and usage.

Reiki Healing Circle
Come one come all–Calling all Certified Reiki Practitioners and would become customers.  Come experience Reiki in an open forum.  Share in the treating energy.  Ongoing – Free

Open Psychic Reading
Have you heard of open mic night right?  This is an open meeting to area Psychics, Readers, Mediums , Intuitives, and would be interesting  to visit this meeting to share your stories in public.  Have a desire to get a reading or two?  Reveal to be a participant of the audience on Open reading night.   Perform before the crowd and transfer messages from Spirit.  No guarantee of a reading or accuracy, but a good way to experience the energy and share with the community.

Classes and EventsMessages from Spirit – Animal Messengers
Does your dog, cat or other bird exchange a spiritual correlation with you?  Does your animal scramble to you when you are ill or disappointed?  Do you have dreams about specific animals or have an similarity for a particular animal or races?  Learn more about Animal Totems and the special medicine that they bring to our lives.

Healing for Caregivers
Are you or someone you are familiar with responsible for the daily care of a ill, delicate or disable person? This session is created to give them a break and a youthification for themselves. Being a nurse implies bringing so much of yourself that your life energy gets exhausted. Give them a break and have experience of special healing for yourself.

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