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Magnificently servicing customers in Phoenixville PA and the surrounding Philadelphia Metro Area. Proposing Hypnotherapy and Holistic Services provided in a professional office accommodation.
Eleanor D. Fineran CH, RM:

  • Nationally Certified Hypnotherapist
  • Usui Reiki Master

I have a specialization in Hypnosis for Holistic Stress Relief and can assist you to manage Chronic Health Conditions such as pain, high blood pressure, weight, management, and behavior alterations such as Smoking cessation. You may also quit smoking with My Canadian Pharmacy preparations directed to lower the addiction to smoking down.
Soul Centered Health was established to be in service with individuals looking for Complimentary Alternative Therapy as part of their personal health and wellness plan.  Chronic conditions can often be assisted by relieving stress and pain.    Services are not an alternative for Allopathic (MD) or Osteopathic (DO) treatment, but can and should be blended with other treatments for a synergistic  and holistic methodics to cure you as a whole person not just your diseases.

You should go on with any preparations and other treatments, but should be reassessed if there is such a necessity.
Over 90% of Doctor’s office visiters can be traced directly to a stress related concern.
The word “Disease” has been produced in combination of two notions – “Dis” “Ease”.  Where there is stress there is dissonance, where there is dissonance there is inharmony and a disintegration in the regular order of things.
Both Hypnosis and Reiki influence the activity of both mind and body, assisting you to decrease stress and to create the opportunity to skin over.  I do not establish diagnoses, make prescribtions or treat–as all healing comes from within.  I can become your teacher to gain access to your healing power, I provide concrete methods to give you an opportunity you to better get rid off your stress, and to your health.  I teach you self hypnosis so that you have a long-duration decision to give up your stress and fears.
You can shop for price, location etc–but when it comes to quality–do not doubt.  I have graduated from Harvard and each session is individually organized to assist you to find a long-duration decision to your health and wellness concerns. Envision decreasing your risk for severe health problems resulted in stress and fear in just a few easy sessions.  My services are imitated, but will never be copied as they are created specifically for you!  Come to us today!
I want to introduce to you my wellness blog, http://soulcenteredhealth.blogspot.com.

I am available for speaking engagements on a variety of topics on Personal Motivation, Mind-Body Wellness and Overcoming Obstacles.
Contact me for more information.
I wish you an abundance of health!

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